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The Ultimate Long Distance Challenge

While I’ve been laid up ill with Mumps, I’ve caught up with some of the programmes I’ve captured with Sky+. Last night I watched the final episode of “The man who cycled the world”, which followed Mark Beaumont, a Scots lad, who cycled the prescribed 18,000 miles in 195 days;...


LEJOG Planning

With no walking this weekend, I’ve been sitting at my PC planning walks. Hadrian’s Wall is pretty much all done now and that’s “in the can” as they say in the film industry. My thoughts, as they have often done over the past year or two, then turned to Lands...


Hadrians Wall Planning

Just got back from three days in Paris, taking in the sights and generally doing the family holiday thing – as far as that goes nowadays – the kids have mostly grown up so it was only the youngest daughter that actually came away with us – oh yes and...


Second getaway!

I’ve persuaded the good lady wife that I deserve another week away from home, walking the footpaths of this splendid isle. I’m not sure she was completely convinced with my argument, but she’s not going to throw a tnatrum if I go. Not quite the same as having her blessing...


WHW & GGW Journal

For those interested, the journal is coming along slowly. I’ve written up the first 5 days so far and that took almost no time at all. I was in the right frame of mind for writing – obviously. Unfortunately, the remaining sections are still in my head and it’s taking...


Preparing for my Long Walk

I did it after I finished the Coast to Coast in 2006 and I’ve done it again in 2007. I’ve managed to gain the best part of a stone in weight in the last two or three months of the year. I think I now why this is, but I...


About getting fit again

I remember at the end of the C2C last May, thinking “I’ve not been this fit since I left school”. I used to run cross country for the school at 13 or 14. However, between then and the age of 40 living on a diet of beer and chips and...


Coast to Coast 2006

This is the comments area for my Coast to Coast 2006 Journal. Please feel free to leave whatever comments you may have in this area. Many thanks for your feedback. Regards, Lone Walker.