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Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 5

7th May 2015 – Clatteringshaws Loch to Stroanpatrick: 15.5 mls   Although the day was perfectly acceptable in terms of weather, it was a bit worse than forecast, so ended up being a let down. The BBC local TV forecast showed a picture of southern Scotland without any cloud cover...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 4

6th May 2015 – Bargrennan to Clatteringshaws Loch: 17.5 mls A day of better weather than forecast is always something to be thankful for and such was today. Today’s walk, after much deliberation, is brought to you by the teachings of Mr. Miyagi, who spent many hours instructing young Daniel...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 3

5th May 2015 – New Luce to Bargrennan: 19.1 mls Today’s walk is brought to you by the word “puddle” and by the sound your legs make when you walk in overtrousers all day! My pedometer says I did 30k steps today, so that’s 30,000 swishes, many of which were...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 2

4th May 2015 – Stranraer to New Luce: 14.2 mls Today was fantastic! A breeze marginally stronger than I would have liked was the only thing preventing me from calling this a perfect days walking. Today’s walk is brought to you by the colours Yellow (for the gorse bushes and...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 1

3rd May 2015 – Portpatrick to Stranraer: 9.6 mls Today’s walk is brought to you by the word “dreich” which is a proper Scottish word hijacked by us southern softies who don’t really know what real weather is. defines the word as A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold,...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 0

2nd May 2015 – Home to Stranraer: 259 mls, 8 hrs   There are some advantages to travelling First Class and I was hoping to be able to use a FC lounge in Piccadilly station. Unfortunately, it was only available to Virgin Train passengers, so my First Trans Pennine ticket...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Kit

I was unsure whether I’d do a kit posting for this year’s walk, but I looked back at the one I did for the 2013 walk and some of the other kit postings I’ve done for previous walks and I found them quite interesting. It’s been a good memory jogger...

The SUW certainly has some great long views 4

Southern Upland Way 2015 – Route

The countdown to my Southern Upland Way continues. I’ll be heading out five weeks on Saturday and using a tortuous series of trains and buses to reach my starting point. I should at least be ready for the challenge ahead; last weekend’s walk with Chris has given me some confidence...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Transport

“It really shouldn’t be this difficult!” A phrase I kept repeating while trying to book rail tickets for my Southern Upland Way walk in May. Public transport needs to be much easier to access, or we’re all going to continue taking the default, simple, convenient and probably more comfortable option...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Planning

I’d walked about a mile or so out of Beattock, heading for the Ettrick Hills and as I reached an old cattle feeder standing rusting beside the track, I knew I wouldn’t finish the Southern Upland Way. I paused for a few minutes and wrestled with my conscience; I didn’t...


Southern Upland Way 2015

I spent last weekend planning my long distance path for 2015! It was significantly easier than the planning I’ve had to in recent years, simply because I’m returning to the Southern Upland Way. It and I have unfinished business and I’ve been itching to get back there and finish it off....


Merry Christmas!!

Many thanks to all the readers and followers of this humble blog. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2014 hasn’t been a great year for me, so I’m hoping 2015 will make up for it.