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Pennine Way – reloaded

As part of the on-going plan to revamp all my long distance walk journals; the Pennine Way journal from 2010 has just been updated with more photos. You can read it here: Pennine Way Journal 2010

Wonderful stone arch on Benbreak 0

Southern Upland Way – reloaded

I’ve revamped my Southern Upland Way journal from 2013. It now has more photos from the walk and I’ve brought together all the planning posts and walking posts into one place. The journal only covers the first eight days as I was forced to bail because of injury, but I’m thinking...


Liebster Award Nomination

First of all, as part of the protocol, I have to thank Cath ( for nominating my blog for this ‘process’. I read Matt’s ( recent blog posting on the same topic and I’m sort of with him when it comes to ‘chain letters’ – I’d normally bin it. However,...


The Pennine Way Process

It was now or never really. I’d been waiting until as close to deadline as possible to conduct a comprehensive village survey for the Pennine Way guide book update. I figured that there was no point doing a survey months ahead of the publication, as B&Bs close, new businesses open...


Page 1 Completed!

I had an email from Bryn at Trailblazer Guidebooks last night – he hadn’t received any photos from me for the book yet and he needed something to put in the new catalogue they were having printed. He was going to go with a temporary photo for the purposes of...

Footpath 7

"It’s Make Your Mind Up Time"

I’m old enough to remember that catchphrase, but I guess many people reading this will not be and many who do will not remember it’s origin. So answers on a postcard, in your own handwriting, or append a comment if you can tell me who made it famous and what...

Lindisfarne Causeway (photo courtesy of Walter Baxter) 11

Trig to Trig 2014

After yesterday’s post regarding next year’s long path I did some research and it turns out my idea isn’t new at all. The east coast around Holy Island seems to be the start/end of a couple of recognised (as opposed to official) long distance walks and I even found an...


Thinking ahead

It’s almost the end of the year and typically by this time, I’ve already got next year’s long distance path planned and often booked as well. This year though I’ve been concentrating on the Pennine Way, right up until last week and thoughts of anything else have been thrust into...

A rather muted dawn, seen from Hadrian's Wall 0

Burnhead to Sycamore Gap

I’d requested an early breakfast for this morning, despite it being Saturday and feeling a little selfish at asking Dave and Christine to get up even earlier to provide for me. However, I wanted an early finish as I had about 2 1/2 hours in the car at the end...

The old (ancient fingerpost) and the new (acorn marker) on the Pennine Way 1

Knarsdale to Burnhead (on the Wall)

The wind has been the dominant factor for the last two days of this walk. The cold has been as a result of the wind for the most part, but today was the sort of winter day I look forward to. So few of them coincide with a day that...