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Bowland Fells

Yesterday found me walking in an area of the country I have never visited before. The Bowland Fells have never really jumped out at me as a potential location. I have been aware of it’s existence I guess, but there’s always been somewhere else, more enticing, to visit. However, I...


Walk Report: Ward’s Stone & Tarnbrook Fell

Date: 17th Jan 2009 Stats: 12.5 miles, 1600 feet Weather: Very cold and windy but plenty of sunshine Trig Points: 2: TP0700 – Mallowdale Pike, TP6740 – Wards Stone Wainwrights: N/A Other Info: Free parking for many cars by Jubilee Tower Summary: Jubilee Tower, Lower Lee, Tarnbrook, Tarnbrook Fell, Grey...


Walk Report: Sheffield Pike

Date: 10th Jan 2009 Stats: 4.5 miles, 2100 feet Weather: Cold and cloudy, brightening later Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 2: Glenridding Dodd, Sheffield Pike Other Info: Free roadside parking for 10 cars at foot of Stybarrow Crag Summary: Mossdale Beck, Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike, Sheffield Pike, Bleabank Side, Glencoyne Key...


Outdoor blogging

A very short post from the simmit of Sheffield Pike, it has to be cos my fingers are freezing off. At least the technology works – or it will if this post gets through Sent using my iPhone.


A Winter ‘Dog Walk’

I’m giving up the gym – I’ve decided. It was useful for a time, but I find myself going less and less and the membership doesn’t go down when I don’t use it, so I’m sacking it. But that does mean I’m going to have to be a bit more...


2008 Walking Round-up

It feels like an awful long time since I entered anything into my diary, in fact it’s been over a month, which I suppose is a long time. Unfortunately the muse has not been on me and I’ve just not felt like recording anything – neither my weekly walks or...


Walk Report: Crinkle Crags

Date: 3rd Jan 2009 Stats: 7.5 miles, 2800 feet Weather: High cloud well above the tops, no wind, very cold, slight haze Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 1: Crinkle Crags Other Info: £5.50 all day parking in Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel, with toilets (I think) Summary: Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel, Stool...


Walk Report: Gordale Scar & Malham

Date: 20th Dec 2008 Stats: 13.0 miles, 1900 feet Weather: Mild, but chilly with the wind, spots of rain, mostly clear skies Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 0 Other Info: Toilets in the National Trust car park, but don’t park there unless all the roadside parking has been taken. £1 in...


Walk Report: Hartsop Above How

Date: 1st Dec 2008 Stats: 4.5 miles, 1600 feet Weather: Very cold, overcast with sunny spells, windy on top, severe wind chill Trig Points: 0 Wainwrights: 1: Hartsop Above How Other Info: Free parking at Cow Bridge, no toilets Summary: Cow Bridge, roadside path, Deepdale park, follow wall to Hartsop...


City Walking

Not the most appealing of titles for a walking site, but often we are forced to traverse cities, either to get to the start of a walk, or in this particular case, to get through one. I am still planning my LEJOG walk and not in a very structured way...