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Win Some, Lose Some

I’m a huge believer in coincidence – not during a murder investigation or while uncovering a spy-ring of course – but generally during normal life, coincidence plays an important part in what happens to us. I was shown a prime example of it a few months ago while I was...


Review: Salomon Comet 3D GTX #2

I’ve had the Salomon Comet 3D GTX boots for about a year now and I thought it about time they had an “Update Review”. I’ve just returned these to Go Outdoors and asked them to return them to Salomon for a warranty refund/replacement. The two year warranty on the boots...


Southern Upland Way Planning #3

Kit This planning post is going to cover my kit for the fast-approaching Southern Upland Way. I’m due to set out in 8 weeks and for the last month I’ve walked about 10 miles, due to a foot injury that I must allow to heal or else I won’t be...


The Ultimate UK Walking Challenge

UK Coastal Walk Until recently I thought Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) was the toughest walking challenge the UK had to offer. It’s certainly very well known and I guess at least a dozen or so people walk it every year, along with many more who are doing it...


No Walking!

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently and that’s because this is a walking journal and I’ve not been doing any walking! For several weeks now I’ve had a slight ache in my left foot after any sort of walking – it wasn’t uncomfortable during a walk and only...


All My Long Distance Paths

  All the reports I’ve created for the various long walks I’ve done, have now been brought together into a single location. They have had their own menu in the navigation panel for a while, but now they have their own page. Have a visit and see what you think....


Mallerstang Edge

I returned to the Dales this weekend, to revisit one of the Yorkshire Tops, namely High Seat, which has a Concrete Ring trig point that I had missed on my previous visit. There was a small chance of snow in the forecast, so I was expecting a cold walk –...


Longridge Fell

The first walk of 2013 and things don’t get off to a great start for the New Year, mainly because it’s done nothing but rain for the last 3 months (or so it seems) and the ground just can’t hold any more water, so it sits on the top, making...


Happy New Year

The final post of 2012 is dedicated to all the readers of the blog and website. Many thanks for your support and participation this year and indeed over the previous years. I hope you all have a great evening and a very prosperous 2013. All the best Stuart


Summary of 2012

This post may be precipitous, I may still get another walk in this year, although the weather is doing its best to put me off. However, with that in mind, here is my summary of 2012. I haven’t done one of these annual summaries for a while, so I thought...


Easington Fell

It was great to finally get back out onto the hills for a walk, despite the bloody awful recent weather. I was expecting to get soaked and pretty much did, more below the ankles than above to be fair, but it still rained for about an hour. A return to...


Southern Upland Way Planning #2

With the route planned at a high level and the number of stops determined by things like how far I can reasonably walk in a day and how much height gain I can manage, I now needed to book the accommodation. Booking accommodation is great fun, it’s one of my...