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More Maintenance

I have some more back office maintenance tasks to perform over the next few hours; I’ll be updating to v2.8 of WordPress, in order to try and resolve an admin problem I’ve been suffering from. Although posting and browsing seems to be working okay and comments are coming through, it...


Hadrian’s Wall Day 3

Last night was the first night I’d had any company – the first night I was in an empty camp site and the next night I was in an empty bunk house. The camp site in Greenhead, Roam ‘n’ Rest, had filled up a bit after I returned from the...


Hadrian’s Wall Day 2

Hadrians wall day 2 I had a 16 bed camping barn to myself last night, fitted with a kitchen, shower and TV it was like having an apartment to myself. It was great. I’m not sure if it would have been so great with even 4 or 5 other guests....


Hadrian’s Wall Day 1

Hadrians wall day 1 Today started out as the perfect walking day. It was overcast but warm with no wind. I paid my poorly octopus (£6) to the site owner and I was on the path by 07:20. Brilliant. This first section of Hadrians Wall is a bit of a...


Hadrian’s Wall Day 0

There’s an old saying that while the cats away the mice have a sneaky walk – or something like that. Well my wife flew off to Kenya today and once I’d dropped her at the airport I dashed home, finished packing my pack and jumped on a train to Carlisle....


Another update

All I seem to be doing at the moment is upgrading or updating software on various devices and systems. This latest update is to the iPhone, moving to the recently released and much awaited v3 of the software. Hopefully this post will confirm that the update hasn’t broken my wordpress...


Bloody typical!

I’ve worked with the old WordPress version for over a year, putting off upgrading several times and now I’ve bitten the bullet and made the leap from 2.5 to 2.7 – they announce a new version (2.8) to be released next Wednesday! D’Oh!


All working?

If this post goes live then I’ve successfully upgraded my WordPress and I can now use the WordPress app for the iPhone. This is much better than iBlogger, mainly due to the fact that I can now manage comments from the same interface I post from. I can also add...


Fingers Crossed!

Things may look a little odd round here for the next few hours (hopefully, rather than the next few days), as I’m upgrading my WordPress software to the latest release, to take advantage of one or two nifty new features. This will mean disabling my theme and removing my plugins...


Coast to Coast 2009 – Fundraising

Just a quick note regarding Rob’s fundraising efforts for the C2C walk we just did. I’d promised to include a link to his JustGiving page on a previous post and I never got round to it, so here it is now. http://www.justgiving.com/robsbigwalk He walked for a great cause, I’m sure...


Lyke Wake Walk

I’m quite aware that I’m overdue publishing an account of our Lyke Wake Walk, which immediately followed our Coast to Coast expedition of last week. Let me put the following short post into context; a 190 mile long distance path, completed in 11 days, is in no way suitable preparation...


Coast to Coast 2009 – Final Day (11)

Well that’s it then, we’ve done it. I’m posting this from the wifi connection in the Wayfarer in Robin Hood’s Bay. But I’m getting ahead of myself…. One of the best breakfasts of the whole trip was consumed at Intake Farm this morning. As we had plenty of time we...