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Coast to Coast 2009 – day 1

Mixed bag of weather this morning. Rain first thing but that cleared before we left. Then sunshine broken by cloud and strong winds all along the coast path. Just passed through Cleator where we found the Three Tuns pub doesn’t open until 2pm which is not use to us at...


Coast to Coast – Arrival

Arrived safe and sound in St. Bees after passing through some awful weather on the way. As long as it stops raining before we set out in the morning I’ll be happy. In fact I’ll probably be happy if it’s still pissing it down. It’s just great to be back...


Inov-8 – Good eggs!

I just wanted to post a quick note extolling the excellent customer service I received from Inov-8 recently. I’m quick to lambast those kit manufacturers and stockists that seem to make it their life’s work to make things difficult and awkward for us customers, so it’s only fair that I...


Coast to Coast 2009 – The Blog

I plan to do a walking blog this year on the Coast to Coast. For the first time I have the technology to do this and hopefully the gods of the airways will provide a decent enough signal to connect the iPhone each day and post the words I will...


Coast to Coast 2009 – Itinerary

I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but that was several months ago and I don’t suppose anyone remembers that now (even those that read it), but this year’s C2C is going to be a little different to the usual St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay walk. For...


Coat to Coast 2009 – Prep

As little as 5 weeks ago I was panicking, I was really quite worried that my level of fitness had deteriorated so much over the winter that I really wasn’t going to be ready for my long walk this year. Winter walking, for me at least, always tends to be...


Thieving little scrotes!!

I am now in the market for one or two new items of kit, namely; day pack, 2 x waterproof roll bags, lightweight waterproof coat, waterproof overtrousers, fleece, head torch, whistle, first aid kit, silk baselayers, 2 x warm hats, balaclava, waterproof gloves, 2 x pair warm gloves other small...


Bowland Fells

Yesterday found me walking in an area of the country I have never visited before. The Bowland Fells have never really jumped out at me as a potential location. I have been aware of it’s existence I guess, but there’s always been somewhere else, more enticing, to visit. However, I...


Outdoor blogging

A very short post from the simmit of Sheffield Pike, it has to be cos my fingers are freezing off. At least the technology works – or it will if this post gets through Sent using my iPhone.


My first iPhone post

My iPhone purchase is complete. I went to the O2 shop in Northwich and spoke with a marginally useful young man about 3G coverage and the small print around the inclusive data tariff. I’ve got the phone activated and setup on my home wifi network and it works a dream....


A Winter ‘Dog Walk’

I’m giving up the gym – I’ve decided. It was useful for a time, but I find myself going less and less and the membership doesn’t go down when I don’t use it, so I’m sacking it. But that does mean I’m going to have to be a bit more...


Blogging on the move

I’m in the process of justifying to myself the purchase of an iPhone mainly for mobile updates to the diary and mobile email. I have a BlackBerry for work use but it’s very clumsy as a browser and not great for personal email. I have borrowed my sons iPod Touch...