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Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 2

4th May 2015 – Stranraer to New Luce: 14.2 mls Today was fantastic! A breeze marginally stronger than I would have liked was the only thing preventing me from calling this a perfect days walking. Today’s walk is brought to you by the colours Yellow (for the gorse bushes and...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 1

3rd May 2015 – Portpatrick to Stranraer: 9.6 mls Today’s walk is brought to you by the word “dreich” which is a proper Scottish word hijacked by us southern softies who don’t really know what real weather is. urbandictionary.com defines the word as A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold,...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Day 0

2nd May 2015 – Home to Stranraer: 259 mls, 8 hrs   There are some advantages to travelling First Class and I was hoping to be able to use a FC lounge in Piccadilly station. Unfortunately, it was only available to Virgin Train passengers, so my First Trans Pennine ticket...


Southern Upland Way 2015 – Kit

I was unsure whether I’d do a kit posting for this year’s walk, but I looked back at the one I did for the 2013 walk and some of the other kit postings I’ve done for previous walks and I found them quite interesting. It’s been a good memory jogger...

The SUW certainly has some great long views 4

Southern Upland Way 2015 – Route

The countdown to my Southern Upland Way continues. I’ll be heading out five weeks on Saturday and using a tortuous series of trains and buses to reach my starting point. I should at least be ready for the challenge ahead; last weekend’s walk with Chris has given me some confidence...


Testing the WordPress App

I’ve had loads of problems with the WordPress app on Android recently. Hopefully this latest update will fix it. A couple of photos from the weekend. I have to have this sorted before early May, when I set out for Scotland.


March #MicroAdventure

I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve stayed at Tan Hill Inn and this time was no different. We had planned to camp on the rough, boulder-strewn land behind the pub but when we were sitting at the bar ordering beer and food we spotted their bunkhouse offered a Full English...


GG Mariposa – First Thoughts

After a quick overnight #MicroAdventure last weekend, I thought I’d put an initial review together for my Gossamer Gear Mariposa Robic pack. This is probably a bit premature as it’s not had a proper test yet – I don’t think two short walks with a camp in between can be...


February #MicroAdventure

Chris (www.pilgrimchris.com) and I headed to the hills again last weekend for another walk in our #MicroAdventure calendar. We had planned to do this trip in the last weekend of February, but for various reasons we couldn’t make it, so although this was now March, we still classed this as...


Gossamer Gear Mariposa (Robic)

Probably the best money I ever spent on gear was when I shelled out £40 for a GoLite Jam backpack (some background here). I bought it in the winter of 2009, in preparation for my Pennine Way the following spring. The backpack was and indeed still is, absolutely fantastic. I...