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West Highland Way – reloaded

The West Highland Way and Great Glen Way journals are the latest walk reports to receive the new look and update. These walks were done back to back in 2008, taking me from Glasgow to Inverness, via the summit of Ben Nevis. You can read them as I walked them,...


Pennine Way – reloaded

As part of the on-going plan to revamp all my long distance walk journals; the Pennine Way journal from 2010 has just been updated with more photos. You can read it here: Pennine Way Journal 2010

Wonderful stone arch on Benbreak 0

Southern Upland Way – reloaded

I’ve revamped my Southern Upland Way journal from 2013. It now has more photos from the walk and I’ve brought together all the planning posts and walking posts into one place. The journal only covers the first eight days as I was forced to bail because of injury, but I’m thinking...


Ordnance Survey Map Wall

A few months ago I decided to dedicate one wall of my office – the big wall – to a map wall. This is the result… Sorry about the stupid fuse box, but I haven’t figured out how to hide that yet!


Liebster Award Nomination

First of all, as part of the protocol, I have to thank Cath (http://wellycath.wordpress.com/) for nominating my blog for this ‘process’. I read Matt’s (http://hillplodder.wordpress.com/) recent blog posting on the same topic and I’m sort of with him when it comes to ‘chain letters’ – I’d normally bin it. However,...


The Pennine Way Process

It was now or never really. I’d been waiting until as close to deadline as possible to conduct a comprehensive village survey for the Pennine Way guide book update. I figured that there was no point doing a survey months ahead of the publication, as B&Bs close, new businesses open...

Sheltered camp at Light Hazzles Reservoir 12

Brasher Boots Ate My Socks

I posted a few weeks ago about my terminal disappointment with my Salomon Comet 3D GTX boots (click here to catch up). Basically, I was fed up of wet feet, despite the boots being lovely and comfortable, their waterproofness was seriously flawed and although the Salomon warranty allowed me to...


Page 1 Completed!

I had an email from Bryn at Trailblazer Guidebooks last night – he hadn’t received any photos from me for the book yet and he needed something to put in the new catalogue they were having printed. He was going to go with a temporary photo for the purposes of...


Foul Weather Alternative

A foul weather alternative (FWA) is a long distance walkers term for a route that can be used in place of a much better (usually higher and more remote) route, in the event of foul weather. Well, we’ve certainly had some foul weather recently and my enthusiasm levels for walking...

Go Outdoors - Best Independent Walking Blog Award 11

Blog Award Nomination

Not quite sure how I’ve managed to qualify for this, but the kind folk over at Go Outdoors have chosen my humble blog as one of the contenders for their “Best Independent Walking Blog” award. I’m just one of a very select group of independent bloggers, talking about the outdoors,...

Footpath 7

"It’s Make Your Mind Up Time"

I’m old enough to remember that catchphrase, but I guess many people reading this will not be and many who do will not remember it’s origin. So answers on a postcard, in your own handwriting, or append a comment if you can tell me who made it famous and what...

Kinder Scout Ascent Routes 20

My Kinder Scout Project

I really enjoyed last week’s walk up Fair Brook and onto the Kinder plateau. Despite the mud (see walk summary here). It got me thinking about all the other routes I’d used to reach the huge, peaty summit of Kinder. I could think of at least five just off the...