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Nothing worse than dog shit?

In some respects, I’m very fortunate in where I live, although I’m in the middle of the Cheshire plain with hardly a hill for miles around, I have a load


Walk Report: Gunnerside

Date: 17th Mar 2007 Location: Yorkshire Dales Distance: 12.0 miles Ascent: 2000 feet Time: 4 hrs 10 mins Weather: Starting cloudy and cool, clearing and warming as the day progressed


Bits & Bob’s

No, thats not a punctuation error in the title of this entry, its a pun, which you may spot if you read on a bit further. My kit list is


The Stove

The stove selection process was even easier than that of the sleeping bag. I know nothing about camping stoves – nothing at all. Therefore I have no idea what to


The Sleeping Bag selection

Selecting my sleeping bag was probably one of the easier kit selections I had to make for this backpacking equipment. It certainly had the shortest shortlist in my notebook. I


Selecting a tent

With a target weight of 7.5Kg and a budget of £500, the key word that springs to mind is compromise. In general terms, the lighter the piece of kit, the



I’ve always poo poo’d the idea of camping, which to me was the idea of spending a week in a tent in the middle of a muddy field full of

Long Distance Paths

About getting fit again

I remember at the end of the C2C last May, thinking “I’ve not been this fit since I left school”. I used to run cross country for the school at