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Staggering up Scafell Pike

Probably the toughest walk of the year for me yesterday (Sunday), what with the heat and the choice of route. I’d elected to walk-in through Eskdale and then ascend via


Burnt on Great Gable

The hottest day of the year so far saw Tex, his friend Mark and I on Great Gable today. We walked up from the Slate Mine at Honister, over the little visited


Death on Jack’s Rake

I noticed the BBC announced the death of a walker on Jack’s Rake last week. Having done the scramble only recently it makes me wonder just what he was doing


The Real Monarch…

I don’t know if anyone has been watching the BBC Scotland series called “The Real Monarch of The Glen”? One of the beauties of digital TV (certainly Sky), is the


Snowdon?…. Where?

Tex Gore and I battled our way onto the summit of Wales’ highest peak yesterday, through 35 mph winds (accurately measured with the new toy) and 10 yard visibility to


My new toy

My birthday present arrived this morning and although it’s not been properly field tested yet, I’m very impressed with it. It’s wonderfully light and tiny and fits easily into one


My birthday present

When you get to my age it’s nearly impossible for loved ones to know what to get you for your birthday. Let’s face it in today’s modern consumer age, when

Long Distance Paths

WHW & GGW Journal

For those interested, the journal is coming along slowly. I’ve written up the first 5 days so far and that took almost no time at all. I was in the


End of an era

It’s always a sad moment when something comes to the end of it’s life and so it was on Saturday afternoon as I arrived back at the car following a


Gragareth & Great Coum

As I expected, today’s weather was pretty foul and Metcheck had it almost right. The wind was much stonger than predicted and the rain didn’t start until about 2 hours


Typical weekend weather

Why is it that the weather is great all week and then turns nasty at the weekend? Whilst sitting in the car or the house or the office at work all week


New Diary On-line

I have finally got the diary section set up the way I want it. Hopefully this will encourage me to update this section a bit more frequently than I have