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New Boots (but not panties!)

Apologies to any non “Dury-aware” readers, but coming up with attention grabbing titles isn’t easy and that one was a little too good not to use. Another rush of blood


OS under the spotlight in You & Yours

I was pointed in the direction of You and Yours on Radio 4 on Monday at noon. Apparently (I am hopefully reliably informed) they will be discussing the Ordnance Survey


Nothing’s ever simple!

That seems to have become my favourite saying over the past few years – maybe I’m getting old and crabby like the Grumpy Old Men, but for some reason it


PW2010 – Planning Update #6

Barring a disaster, that’s it, I’m done. It’s all booked, deposit cheques are in the post and all I need to do now is get fit enough to walk it


One last walk before the op!

I have one weekend left before I go under the knife – so I have my fingers, toes, legs and everything else that is even remotely cross-able, crossed in the


Walk Report: Aysgarth to Askrigg

I avoided Cumbria last weekend – for obvious reasons, and my thoughts go out to everyone affected by the floods. I went instead to Yorkshire and chose a walk along


Hollywood in the Yorkshire Dales

I was watching a film the other week – one of those 1am films that they can’t show at any other time as they are just so awful it would


PW2010 – Planning Update #5

I have most of my accommodation booked now, all but four locations in fact. These have been emailed but have not yet responded, so I’ll give them a couple of

Long Distance Paths

PW2010 – Planning Update #4

For anyone still bothering to read my witterings on this subject I have good news (I think!). Although I couldn’t get into Keld Lodge, I have found room in Butt

Long Distance Paths

PW2010 – Planning Update #3

Well it was all going so smoothly as well – too smoothly obviously. I got two emails today that threw the spanner into the works a little bit. The first

Long Distance Paths

PW2010 – Planning Update #2

I know, I know.. another update so soon? I’ve been busy – I’ve got a route planned (mostly) and I’m starting to add the pieces of the B&B puzzle into

Long Distance Paths

OMG! PW2010 Initial Planning Fright

I’ve just done a couple of rough calculations on how much the Pennine Way is likely to cost me. I’ve already decided it’s going to be along the lines of


Spam Filter

A quick question to folk who have commented (or tried to comment) to my blog recently….. Have you had any problems getting comments accepted through the spam filter? I’m using

Long Distance Paths

Long Distance Path 2010

Until just a few days ago I had no idea where I was going to walk next year – normally by this time of the year I know what I’m

Long Distance Paths

Review: Trailblazer Pennine Way Guide

I had an unexpected email a couple of weeks ago from the marketing department at Trailblazer Guides. They had seen my short review of their Coast to Coast guidebook on

Long Distance Paths


I’ve had a couple of emails recently, asking about the progress of my Coast to Coast 2009 journal. I know this is well overdue and although I’ve started writing it