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Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail 2012–Planning #3

There is now less than five weeks until I leave for Skye to walk the Skye Trail. Or rather, one of the Skye Trails. For a while it has bothered


Review: Regatta Uproar Soft-shell Jacket

I was asked recently if I’d like to review a couple of different Soft-shell jackets from the range at Outdoor Look. I’ve never been particularly convinced of the need for


Carlin Gill / Black Force Diversion

Anyone thinking of heading up Carlin Gill over the next few weeks should be aware that there’s a prohibition in place for the scramble/walk up the Black Force Waterfall. Apparently

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail 2012–Planning #2

This weekend will see my countdown calendar to Skye reading 8 weeks. I’ve been training like mad and although I missed one weekend walk this month, I’ve still managed 101