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Long Distance Paths

Last minute worries!

I’m off to Skye tomorrow night and wouldn’t you know it, a last minute problem threw a spanner into the works! I’ve been hyper-cautious for the past two or three

Long Distance Paths

Skye Trail – Planning Blog

My Skye Trail journal is now on the website – it covers planning and route selection at this time only, as I don’t set out for another 18 days or


Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure; like the last Fondant Fancy or the discovery of a hitherto errant jelly bean in your jacket


Review: Regatta Nitrus Soft-shell Jacket

This is the second jacket I was asked to review for Outdoor Look recently, this one is the Regatta Nitrus Soft-shell Jacket.I wasn’t very impressed with the other one I