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Happy New Year

The final post of 2012 is dedicated to all the readers of the blog and website. Many thanks for your support and participation this year and indeed over the previous


Summary of 2012

This post may be precipitous, I may still get another walk in this year, although the weather is doing its best to put me off. However, with that in mind,

Long Distance Paths

Southern Upland Way Planning #2

With the route planned at a high level and the number of stops determined by things like how far I can reasonably walk in a day and how much height

Long Distance Paths

Southern Upland Way Planning #1

Now that the actual path has been selected, I can start making some initial plans for the walk. Typically these early strokes on the blank canvas are related to getting

Long Distance Paths

Long Distance Path 2013 Decision

By this time, I’ve normally decided which long distance path I’m going to walk next year, but it’s taken me much longer this year. With barely three weeks remaining of


Slave to "The List"

Increasingly that’s how I’ve come to think of myself, a slave to the list. “The List” in question being the 214 Lakeland fells described and documented by Alfred Wainwright –