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Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 4

Armathwaite to Langwathby – 11.5 miles Breakfast was a bit disorganised, with a young chef running around like a headless chicken, but it was tasty enough. I was joined by

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 3

Wetheral to Armathwaite – 9.5 miles I patched the biggest and most painful blister with one of my two Compeeds and left the others to their own devices – it

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 2

Carlisle to Wetheral – 11 miles I slept well and never had recourse to use the ear plugs. The Cartref (odd name eh?) is a proper business B&B, it must

Long Distance Paths

Eden Way Day 1

Rockcliffe to Carlisle – 13.5 miles My wife dropped me off at the train station just in time to pop into the first class lounge and pick up a banana

Long Distance Paths

Making Plans for… Lonewalker

I’m always wary of publishing my plans for the year ahead, just look back over my previous posts and see how many plans I’ve made and then abandoned or failed