Backpackers Deodorant

I have always ummed and ahhed about taking deodorant with me when I backpack – it seems like such a luxury and I’d rather use the weight for something more luxurious to be quite honest – like a nice Scotch in a little hip flask for example. And let’s face it, if you’re backpacking alone, the spray or roll-on is purely for other people’s benefit, not yours, so why bother?

Well it seems the people at Lynx have solved the problem, with their Bullet. The Lynx Bullet is a tiny, pocket sized spray deodorant that is designed for half-witted morons who decided to go out disco dancing (or whatever it is young people do now) but forgot to deodorise before they left the house – I’m paraphrasing the advertisement here of course 🙂

Whatever the original purpose, the Bullet has now solved my backpacking dilemma – it weighs an almost invisible 11g, but provides no more than a few short sprays – so use them wisely. I wonder if it has any midge repellent side-effects?


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  1. goldilocks says:

    -Aftershave samplers
    -Shaving oil
    Both helpful too……..

  2. alan.sloman says:

    Good spotting: Thanks for pointing them out.

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