No, thats not a punctuation error in the title of this entry, its a pun, which you may spot if you read on a bit further.

My kit list is looking remarkably complete, albeit virtually. I have kit on back order that still hasn’t been delivered, which is very frustrating, but has saved me about £40-£50.

I was still missing several important odds and sods though and these all needed to be bought from the same online store, or the delivery charges incurred by buying all these little items from different places would kill me (I’d already deduced that it would be a miracle to find all the things I needed in one highstreet store). I was expecting therefore to have to compromise significantly on the quality or choice of the items in order to save some money.

I needed a large mug or small kettle for boiling water and heating up soups, beans etc. I am no chef, so I’m not planning on doing anything close to cooking while I’m on the hills. Heating up packets or tins of soups or beans is about my limit, so no need for frying pans or pots or anything. Just something large enough to serve as both a cup and pot would do me. I also didn’t want to spend much – initially I thought I’d be able to get a relatively light 1 litre (or just under) kettle for about £10. I hunted high and low for such an article, but to no avail. Lots of multi-pan sets, frying pans and billy cans, army ration tins and the like, many without lids, which I wanted, and many without any information as to how heavy they were. I did keep coming across the MSR Titan Kettle though, which was made from titanium, very light, very sturdy and unfortunately very expensive!

I also needed a light, sturdy trowel, for toileting. The UK stores that stocked such an item were all selling a metal trowel with a folding handle coming in at around 200g. I had found a much lighter, tough plastic trowel on a US website, weighing just 50g, but there was no option to ship to the UK though and so I was resigned to the heavier UK option.

I have browsed many times and been a regular user of their podcasting service, but I’ve never bought anything from them before. However, I noticed two or three things I needed in their inventory and started to add them to the shopping basket. I also spotted that they had imported a number of the plastic trowels from the US – bonus!!

In the end I managed to get all my odds and ends from this site, run by “Podcasting Bob” Cartwright. I even bit the bullet and bought the MSR Titan. A metal cup that cost the same as my rucksack, almost four times as much as my stove or slightly less than my sleeping bag, which ever way you prefer to look at it!

I bought:

  • Plastic toilet trowel – 54g – £4.99
  • Titanium spork – 17g – £7.49
  • MSR Titan Kettle – 118g – £35.99
  • Bio-degradable liquid soap – 72g – £3.99
  • Disinfectant hand gel – 24g – 1.49
  • 40 day razor – 14g – £2.99
  • Shaving oil – 20g – £3.99

A summary of my kit list so far:

  • Tent: Vaude Taurus Ultralite – 1950g – £120.00 –
  • Sleeping Bag: Vango Ultralite 300 – 1250g – £49.50 –
  • Sleeping Mat: Thermarest Prolite 3 Reg – 570g – £49.99 –
  • Camp chair: Thermarest Trekker 20 – 294g – £22.50 –
  • Stove: Gosystems Trail Classic – 145g – £9.99 –
  • Pack: Berghaus Arete 45 – 1300g – £40.00 –

Total weight of items above: 5828g
Spend to date: £352.91

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