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Not quite sure how I’ve managed to qualify for this, but the kind folk over at Go Outdoors have chosen my humble blog as one of the contenders for their “Best Independent Walking Blog” award.

Go Outdoors - Best Independent Walking Blog Award
Go Outdoors – Best Independent Walking Blog Award

I’m just one of a very select group of independent bloggers, talking about the outdoors, walking and hiking and even I don’t feel justified in voting for myself when I look at some of the other nominees.

However, in the best tradition of nominees everywhere I will say that just being nominated for this is a huge honour and I appreciate the thought very much.

You can vote for some very talented and thought provoking writers over at the Go Outdoors award page here: Walking Blog Awards 2014


11 thoughts on “Blog Award Nomination”

  1. Well done mate. I voted for some mountain bloke 😉 My nomination must have fallen down the back of the filing cabinet. They obviously don’t know you’re not doing a LDP this year. Congratulations

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