C2C 2011 Itinerary Finalised

Another Coast to Coast planning entry – this time just to publish the finalised itinerary and accommodation stops along the route.

  1. Sunday June 12th – Robin Hood’s Bay to Grosmont
  2. Monday June 13th – Grosmont to Blakey Ridge
  3. Tuesday 14th June – Blakey Ridge to Osmotherley
  4. Wednesday 15th June – Osmotherley to Richmond
  5. Thursday 16th June – Richmond to Reeth
  6. Friday 17th June – Reeth to Keld
  7. Saturday 18th June – Keld to Kirkby Stephen
  8. Sunday 19th June – Kirkby Stephen to Shap
  9. Monday 20th June – Shap to Patterdale
  10. Tuesday 21st June – Patterdale to Grasmere
  11. Wednesday 22nd June – Grasmere to Stonethwaite
  12. Thursday 23rd June – Stonethwaite to Ennerdale Bridge
  13. Friday 24th June – Ennerdale Bridge to St. Bees

Accommodation has been sourced and booked at the following stops:

  1. Robin Hood’s Bay – The Manning Tree
  2. Grosmont – The Station Tavern
  3. Blakey Ridge – The Lion Inn
  4. Osmotherley – Queen Catherine Hotel
  5. Richmond – West End Guest House
  6. Reeth – The Buck Hotel
  7. Keld – Keld Lodge
  8. Kirkby Stephen – The Black Bull Hotel
  9. Shap – Brookfield House
  10. Patterdale – The White Lion
  11. Grasmere – Chestnut Villa
  12. Stonethwaite – Stonethwaite Farm
  13. Ennerdale Bridge – The Cloggers
  14. St. Bees – Outrigg House

The sharp eyed amongst you will have spotted that I’ve changed my Ennerdale Bridge accommodation. I had semi-booked a place well outside the village, a place where the landlady would collect from Ennerdale and drop you back off in the morning. But I’d really wanted to stay in the village. I finally managed to get in touch with The Cloggers B&B, who’d been away on holiday and I’ve now secured a single room there instead. Much more convenient and no more expensive.

Over the next few days I’ll start to scribble some of my route options into the blog – I’m planning on as few traditional Wainwright days as possible. With lots of nice route options for the Lakes and the Dales.

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2 thoughts on “C2C 2011 Itinerary Finalised”

  1. Jane, glad you found my journal useful, I tried to include all the elements that I would have found useful in other journals, especially as it was my first long path. I also found walking to be incredibly addictive, to the point that I can almost count on the fingers of one hand the number of Saturday walks I’ve missed over the past few years. I bet once you’ve walked the C2C you’ll be looking for another walk the following year too 🙂

    You can send me your planned itinerary by email if you don’t want it broadcast on here and we’ll see where out routes cross and try and arrange a meet. I’m already meeting another reader near Sunbiggin Tarn for a spot of lunch on the 19th June. My email addres is stuart @ walkingplaces . co . uk – just remove the spaces obviously 🙂

    Where are you based? If I know of any walks locally I’ll let you know.

  2. Hi – found your site while researching for my C2C 2011 walk – the first walk which I have just started to announce to friends and family!!! I am now in training and grateful for the time you must have spent sharing experience…

    I am setting out from St.Bees on 15th June 2011 so we may cross paths around the 19/20th and if it happens to be near a pub – I will buy you a pint as your site has given me such insight and great tips…

    New to walking I am building up with 1-2mile walks each evening with longer walks at weekends and finding it quiet an experience! Having posted my charity page and got my first few donations I am now committed…. so here goes and cant help thinking I have found a new hobby

    I’ll check back over the next few months to see your new posts – but any weekend walks that you would recommend as good training would be welcomed!

    Jane Seeley

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