C2C 2011 Route Planning #3

Osmotherley to Richmond

I’m very much of the opinion that this section is one of those that you just need to get out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible. There really is nothing to recommend this route to the long distance walker, it’s all extremely dull. Lots of fields, lots of road walking, no hills and no views.

In 2009 I tried to pick a more direct route from Danby Wiske to Osmotherley, using RoW on the 25k OS map. This ended in disaster as we ended up trying to battle through some fearsome undergrowth and waist deep nettles and brambles, along paths that hadn’t been walked in generations. So this time I’m keeping it simple.

I exit Osmotherley to the north, using the Cleveland Way and quickly pick up the C2C path, which I’ll follow to Ingleby Cross, over the A19 and then along the usual AW route to Danby Wiske. A small diversion is planned to collect a trig point on Fingay Hill, a 1/2 mile off route, but other than that it’s standard fayre.

After Danby Wiske I’m using the route suggested in the Martin Wainwright guide book, which manages to avoid a fair amount of road walking and hopefully will be on paths that are trodden much more regularly now thanks to his suggestions. So I head south out of DW and take the first RoW on the right, heading west to the minor road, then north to Brockholme, where I turn left to Moor House. From there it’s south on the RoW and then west again meeting another minor road just beside Kiplin Hall, then along the road before using more RoW paths to reach Bolton-on-Swale. The usual route over Catterick Bridge and along the south bank of the Swale takes me into Richmond.

Lots of road walking along this section

Richmond to Reeth

Today’s leg is even more non-standard again. The usual Marske, Marrick, Reeth route is all a little dull for my taste – too many fields and not enough moorland. And moorland is something that’s not lacking here abouts – we’re approaching the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and some of the best heather moorland in the country. It didn’t take much route massaging therefore, to divert north and pick up Skelton Moor (with the added bonus of a new trig point for me) and Marrick Moor.

I leave Richmond on the northbound Ravensworth road, then turn west to collect a trig point at Beacon Hill, then drop down to the road and find the monument on Willance’s Leap, which stands high above the usual C2C route. I then drop down to Marske, but instead of continuing south west I head north west, beside Marske Beck and up onto Skelton Moor. I then use a minor road (Helwith Road) to get to Marrick Moor, which is crossed on a little known track beside a series of old mine shafts. That leaves me on Fremington Edge, looking down on Reeth which I approach from the north on a number of footpaths.

This rather convoluted route adds about 3 miles to the usual leg, but travels higher, quieter paths and offers me access to places I’ve not visited before.

Tex Gore negotiates the mud outside Marske – unfortunately my route doesn’t manage to avoid this spot!

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