C2C 2011 Route Planning #4

Reeth to Keld

I leave Reeth on the B6270 – passing the lovely Reeth Bakery, where I would hope to collect something tasty for lunch – and leaving the road just beyond the school where I take a footpath through the fields to Reeth Low Moor . I skirt the southern edge of this, as far as Cringley Bottom (great place name), where I turn north west, along the wall to meet the minor road. Crossing this I pick up the wide track that leads to Great Pinseat. From there I head just south of west, down to and across Flincher Gill where I pick up a little known track through the old mining scars of Friarfold Rake. At the end of this path I can drop down Gorton Hush and follow the track to Blakethwaite Mill, and from there it’s the standard C2C route back across the 4WD track to Swinner Gill, Crackpot Hall and Keld.

The old bridge over Swinner Gill

Keld is my most favourite of all Dales villages and I am staying at Keld Lodge – a place to relax, drink the fine Kelda ale and meet the other 28 or so C2Cers staying in the village – they all come here at some point. Most of them have just slogged their way through the bogs over Nine Standards and it will be nice to get some idea of how bad they are before I get to them on the next leg.

Keld to Kirkby Stephen

Most of today’s route is going to be fairly traditional, leave Keld and follow the footpath up Whitsun Dale to Ravenseat and then west, passing the shelter of the shooting hut, before turning north and following the path that takes in the old Millstones Pillar, Lady Dike Head, the peat bogs of White Mossy Hill and finally the trig point and the cairns on Nine Standards Rigg.

At that point, the traditional route is abandoned and instead of going west towards the road head above Hartley, I’m going south and then west to Rollinson Gill and then south again and west to bag the summit of Tailbridge Hill – a Dewey.

From there it’s alongside the wall until I meet the B6270 and then north through Lockthwaite and beside Ladthwaite Beck to Bollam Bridge and then down to meet Frank’s Bridge and on into KS.

This route means I get to avoid several miles of road walking and I get to bag another Dewey, as well as taking the path less trodden, one of the underlying aims of this C2C for me.

Here’s hoping for weather like this…..


….rather than like this…


Millstones Pillar.

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