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Wainwright Ascent Table

There follows a complete list of all the Wainwrights. This is a long list and is rather unwieldy, so you may be better off with the links to the left,


The Wainwrights

The “Wainwrights” are the Lake District mountains, hills, fells, crags and tops described by Alfred Wainwright in his Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. There are seven of these books,


My Kinder Scout Project

A recent walk up to the famous Kinder Scout plateau in the Peak District got me thinking about all the other routes I’d used to reach this huge, peaty summit. I

Walking in the Bowland Fells

The Bowland Fells Tops This is the official list of tops as recognised by the Database of British & Irish Hills. I’m not sure I would personally include many of


Kinder via Crookstone Hill

10.5 mls, 16.90 km 2200 ft, 670.6 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:30 to 13:25 Peak District Walk Number 486 Walk Notes: A lovely sunny day, not especially warm, but dry.


Kinder via The Three Knolls

8.9 mls, 14.32 km 1900 ft, 579.1 m Bowden Bridge Car Park 08:00 to 11:45 Peak District Walk Number 485 Walk Notes: I don’t normally walk on a Sunday (we


Walking in the Howgills

If you enjoy quiet walks in the hills, away from the sort of crowds you get in the Lake District, but still want to achieve high and remote walks, then


Kinder via Gate Side Clough

6.4 mls, 10.30 km 1600 ft, 487.7 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:05 to 11:10 Peak District Walk Number 483 Walk Notes: The second in my series of walks exploring the


Kinder via Fair Brook

9.6 mls, 15.45 km 1700 ft, 518.2 m Birchen Clough Bridge 08:00 to 12:00 Peak District Walk Number 482 Walk Notes: I decided to get out on the first weekend


Kinder via Grindsbrook Clough

10.3 mls, 16.58 km 1900 ft, 579.1 m Old Nag’s Head, Edale 07:20 to 11:30 Peak District Walk Number 465 Walk Notes: A misty start to the day, but I


Gargrave to Horton

24.5 mls, 39.44 km 3900 ft, 1187.8 m Gargrave Horton-in-Ribblesdale Gargrave Station 18:20 to 18:30 Howgill Fells Walk Number 459 & 460 Walk Notes: I chose to walk this as


Ribblehead to Settle

14.0 mls, 22.53 km 2100 ft, 640.1 m Ribblehead Settle Ribblehead Station 07:30 to 12:35 Yorkshire Dales Walk Number 456 Walk Notes: A bit of an ‘awkward’ walk this –


Garsdale to Ribblehead

12.0 mls, 19.31 km 2100 ft, 640.1 m Garsdale Ribblehead Garsdale Station 07:45 to 12:00 Yorkshire Dales Walk Number 447 Walk Notes: Another walk using the Settle-Carlisle railway as a


Docker Knott from Carlingill Bridge

6.4 mls, 10.30 km 2100 ft, 640.1 m Carlingill Bridge 07:05 to 10:05 Howgill Fells Walk Number 441 Walk Notes: A sunny, but rather chilly and breezy morning as I


Settle to Skipton

19.3 mls, 31.06 km 2500 ft, 762.0 m Settle Skipton Settle Station 07:15 to 14:10 Yorkshire Dales Walk Number 442 Walk Notes: A beautiful summer day, with sun all day,

The Howgill Fells

Hooksey & The Calf from Brow Foot

12.4 mls, 19.96 km 3500 ft, 1066.8 m Brow Foot 07:30 to 13:35 Howgill Fells Walk Number 439 Walk Notes: By far and away the best walk of the year


Kirkby Stephen to Garsdale

12.4 mls, 19.96 km 2600 ft, 792.5 m Kirkby Stephen Garsdale Kirkby Stephen Station 08:05 to 13:40 Yorkshire Dales Walk Number 423 Walk Notes: The best weather for months and


Ribblehead to Horton

15.7 mls, 25.27 km 3500 ft, 1066.8 m Ribblehead Horton-in-Ribblesdale Ribblehead 09:20 to 17:35 Yorkshire Dales Walk Number 397 Walk Notes: Yorkshire Three Peaks walk with a difference, avoiding the