Not the most appealing of titles for a walking site, but often we are forced to traverse cities, either to get to the start of a walk, or in this particular case, to get through one. I am still planning my LEJOG walk and not in a very structured way either. I have Devon and Cornwall pretty much sorted and then I jumped north about 600 miles to Glasgow and the South west Scotland section of the walk.

I was going to have to walk through Glasgow, or walk a bloody long way around it and I couldn’t really afford the days for the second option. Glasgow has a fearsome reputation, certainly in the past for being a rough, tough city where English folk should be careful and I felt this a bit when I walked through the outskirts to get to Milngavie at the start of my West Highland Way walk this year. So I was wary about walking through the heart of the city and potentially some very undesirable areas.

As I wondered which would be the best way to walk across the city, I stumbled across a site called which gives you walking routes across a number of British cities; so far they have mapped Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Newcastle & Gateshead, Norwich and finally Sheffield. The idea is that you enter the names of your preferred start and destination and maps the best walking route across the city, between your two points.

When I asked for a route between Eaglesham and Milngavie (both of which are well outside the centre of Glasgow), it gave me a great route on quiet roads and even used the Kelvin Walkway from Kelvingrove Park to Milngavie, so it knows about public footpaths and waymarked trails.

Anyway, next time you need to walk across or within a city – check it out.

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