This is the comments area for my Coast to Coast 2006 Journal. Please feel free to leave whatever comments you may have in this area. Many thanks for your feedback. Regards, Lone Walker.

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9 thoughts on “Coast to Coast 2006”

  1. Hiya – thanks for your very informative site. Having vertigo at the moment I am reduced to reading about walking rather than doing it. I completed pt 1 of the C2C in August and I have now planned the 2nd part using your journal for ideas. I have read every word and can’t wait until next year to complete it. Thanks for a very interstring site

    1. Giles – wow! that must be awful – I’m also about to be excluded from the hills – I’m having a knee op on Monday, so I’ll be sat in the house for a few weeks recouperating – we should start a club! Hope you get over the vertigo and glad the site was of use. Let us know how you get on next year.

  2. Having stumbled across your website, I have found the 2006 Coast to Coast Walk a interesting read and really good photos too.

    I did the Coast to Coast this year in May and I’m planning another Coast to Coast next year, only this time east to west in 10 days and back-packing!!!.

    1. Martin, glad you enjoyed the journal. 10 days is a helluva pace – good on you – I did it again this year in May in 11 days and that was a hard push towards the end. Let us know how you get on – perhaps do a journal? We could put it on Walking Places! 🙂

  3. Great blog mate! Well done. It’s got me well in the mood! 🙂

    One question tho – what were the bad trousers, and what were the good trousers…?


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