Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 1

image1443052461.jpgDidn’t get a chance to post this picture last night as the phone signal was so poor, but this is our room in Stone House Farm and Tex enjoying a small dram as he writes up his journal.

Weather was mostly in our favour today althought the wind was pretty savage at times and the temperature dropped a lot as a result. I spent much of the afternoon walking in hat and gloves despite the occasional burst of sunshine.

Passed by a lone walker as we ate lunch, his bright White Tilley hat could be seen a mile off and he instantly earned the name “white hat”. Also passed by two young American guys as we relaxed out of the wind in Nannycatch. David Bowie provided their nicknames “Young Americans” of course.

We had our first arguement just outside Cleator as I found a nice comfy bench outside someones house. Tex refused to sit on it and we had to push on to find somewhere else. He more than made up for this as we entered Ennerdale Bridge though, where a traffic calming speed camera was positioned, showing the speed of approaching vehicles – Tex agreed to run past it to see what speed he could set. He managed a very creditable 12 mph, not bad after 16 miles.

Currently sitting in the bar in Shepherds Arms with a very average pint called Wainwright. Not a great legacy for the man really. But I suppose they manage to sell at least one pint to every coast to coaster that comes into the place.

More to follow later.

1 thought on “Coast to Coast 2009 – Day 1”

  1. Hey, i thought the last thing I said to you two, was “and no bickering”!!
    Blog is disappointingly brief, must try harder!!

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