Coast to Coast 2009 – The Blog

I plan to do a walking blog this year on the Coast to Coast. For the first time I have the technology to do this and hopefully the gods of the airways will provide a decent enough signal to connect the iPhone each day and post the words I will write each evening.

iBlogger on the iPhone should also allow me to include at least one picture in the blog, which always adds a nice touch to a bunch of words I think. Please keep your fingers crossed for pictures of me and Tex in short sleeves and sunhats rather than gloves and waterproofs.

The first post should go up on Tuesday night as we set off from St. Bees on the Wednesday morning. I will hopefully be able to reply to comments as we progress across the country, but as yet that is untested and I think it will rely on a decent enough signal for a 3G Internet connection, rather than anything iBlogger can do.

Wish us luck – with the weather if with nothing else. Tex is walking for a good cause; Fibromyalgia and I’m just walking. I will try and get hold of his fundraising page before we leave and post it here, I’m sure he’d appreciate anything you wish to donate.

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