Coast to Coast 2011: Day Two (Supplemental)

The grub in the Lion Inn was excellent – I had a hot steak sandwich with chips – proper hand cut chips, none of this oven chip nonsense! However breakfast is only available from 08:30, which I asked them to confirm, because it seemed quite late for a walking stop on the C2C. They confirmed that if I wanted a cooked breakfast it was indeed 08:30, but I could have cereals from 07:30. As I had the best part of 20 miles to do, I thought cereals would have to do – I didn’t really want to be setting out at 09:30 or so.

The camp site at the Lion was absolutely packed, with tents everywhere – all being whipped about in the wind – with young lads chasing fly sheets and equipment all over the place. I think there was some sort of event on – loads of kids, a couple of minivans and loads of gear. One or two sensible guys had camped in the front garden, sheltered from the wind by the walls.

The Lion is excellent value for money – I had an albeit tiny twin room for £22 – you wouldn’t want to share it with anyone but a very close friend – if you both turned over in the night and ended up facing each other you be close enough to kiss – the room really was quite small. It was clean and tide though, with the best TV coverage so far – all the freeview channels and Sky Sports too – shame I only wanted the news really. There was also a private bathroom, and although there was no shower in it, the bath was big enough for me to sink into – which always makes a nice change.

They also have WiFi, which was great – especially as the phone signal was patchy at best.

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