Coast to Coast – Route Note

Just thought I’d post an interesting note on the route, for anyone walking it this summer.

From Sunbiggin Tarn you are now recommended to take the southern route, down the road a short way, over the little bridge and then turn left onto the moorland, skirting the narrow beck and then along the narrow boggy path.

This is a much nicer route than the one to the north along the road past Mazon Wath. You get to experience a lonely wild mile or two of grassy moorland before joining the northern route just before Great Ewe Fell.

I will publish a route map in the C2C pages on Walking Places when I get back.

Walking Places C2C Pages

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2 thoughts on “Coast to Coast – Route Note”

  1. Hi Malcolm / Pauline
    The walk was great, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, even when the rain was belting down and we couldn’t see more than 20 yards ahead of us on Nine Standards. I hope you have a good time when you walk it in June.

    I use an HP iPaq 214, which is one of the HP business range of PDAs. When I purchased it I was quite lucky I managed to combine two offers on the HP web site, one for 15% of every purchase and one for £25 cashback on the iPaq – the second offer is still running, if you buy it fro the HP website, which I did. You can see that here:

    The PDA works great with Memory Map, in fact without Memory Map the device is pretty much useless as a walking navigation device. You will also need to add a GPS device as this model has no built in GPS, although I’m sure there are other devices out there that do. Have a look at My Gear pages for more info on the previous version of the iPaq, although the model has changed the principle is the same.

  2. Malcolm Gibson

    We found the description of your walk absorbing and trust you thoroughly enjoyed it. We are due to walk the C2C in mid June and wondered which PDA you purchased and from which source. We were considering a GPS but the choice is mindblowing and there are good and bad reports of most of them.

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