The view across Dovestone Reservoir
The view across Dovestone Reservoir

A rest from Wainwright bagging today, as take a wander around one of my favourite edge walks.

Route Description: Dovestone Res car park, Yeoman Hey res, Greenfield Res, Birchen Clough, Great Dove Stone Rocks, Chew Res, Chew Road, Chew Piece Plantation, Dovestone Res car park

Notes: I nearly didn’t walk today – I’d chosen a Western Fells walk which I sacked because of the weather reports and then didn’t feel like walking the backup route I’d selected. But at 10pm on Friday I decided to re-visit one of my favourite Peak District routes around Dovestone Reservoir.

The reservoir drain was overflowing which suggested Birchen Clough may be impassible, but I had a look and although it was marginal I managed to cross it bottom and top. Incredibly boggy around the edge and feet soon soaked, but mist cleared and sun cam out towards the end. Decided on a route down I’d never used, along Chew Road, but wish I’d stayed high as the sun came out and blue sky above me. Never mind!

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2 thoughts on “Dovestone Reservoir”

  1. I did this last summer on a cracking day, took a million and one photos which my walking friend still takes the mick about. Its one of my favourites too witch some great views across the reservoir.

    1. Phil, if you look through my walks database it becomes apparent that this is one of my favourite walks too. In the summer, on a fine day it’s awesome, in the winter with the snow down it’s just as good 🙂
      Glad you agree!

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