GoLite Jam2
GoLite Jam2

My current pack and my absolute favourite of all of them. It has been in use since April 2010 and that’s longer than any other pack I’ve had so far. The main reason being it is so light, comfortable and versatile. It compresses down to a very light-weight day pack and once you undo all the compression straps it can expand into a multi-day backpacking bag too! The demise of GoLite as a UK available brand in the shops is a huge blow and a hole that will not easily be filled.

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3 thoughts on “GoLite Jam2”

  1. Hi Stuart, Good to hear some praise for the GoLite Jam2. I am currently looking at a second hand version but am not sure about sizing. I have read that GoLite might be a bit off (short) with their sizing. What size do you have and how tall are you (if you don’t mind me asking!)?

    1. Hi Fred, I have the “L” size and I’m 6’4″ and unsurprisingly its a couple of inches shorter than I’d want it to be, but that’s the case for almost everything I buy 🙂
      I like the Jam so much I pre-empted the failure/loss/damage of my pack and bought a second one about 8 years ago, and have just started using it. The first one lasted me 10 years and is still serviceable – all the zips still work, just the elasticated side pouches are loose now. Great pack, so versatile, I’ll be lost in 10 years when this one dies!

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