As I expected, today’s weather was pretty foul and Metcheck had it almost right. The wind was much stonger than predicted and the rain didn’t start until about 2 hours after it was scheduled to.

I was pleased with myself though, because I exercised my will power two or three times today. First time was as I listened to the wind and rain beating against the bedroom window at 05:40 when the alarm went off. I forced myself out of bed and downstairs for breakfast.

The second time was leaving the car, although it wasn’t raining yet the wind was gusting strongly even in the car park and by the time I got to the first trig point, less than a mile away I thought about calling it a day and turning back. Thoughts of a lovely warm living room and an old western on the TV called to me. But I pushed them to the back of my mind and pressed on.

The third time was at Great Coum. I could have turned right and headed down the hill back to the car, but I didn’t. I took the extension route out to Crag Hill and back – 3 miles in the howling wind with the mist coming in from Whernside and the rain not far behind.

I managed to get off the hill before the rain battered down though. A four mile road walk, done in the rain, saw me back to the car. I had a great sense of achievement – which I knew I would.

So stuff the foul weather – just get out there and enjoy the walking.

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