Handy Tip #34

Bring the Hills to Work with you

For a couple of years now I’ve used this technique to remind me constantly of my favourite places to walk.

Whether you’re a Lake District addict or a Dales devotee, use your precious place names as the basis for your passwords at work. Logging on in the morning to Scafe77 Pik3 is so much better than your mother’s maiden name 🙂


Long distance walker, trig-pointer, peak-bagger, guide book author & fair-weather cyclist, with a love of Skye, the Pennine Way, malt whisky, & Man City.

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  1. Hillplodder says:

    I couldn’t agree more as I’ve been doing the same – using the list of every mountain I’ve ever summitted and working my way through them in order. Makes it easy to remember the passwords too.

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