Tex Gore and I have a three day backpacking weekend coming up in September and we need some help selecting a route. Normally we head to the Lakes – a familiar place for us both – and we feel right at home here. This may well end up being where we walk this time too, but I though perhaps we should expand out horizons a little bit, and as we have three days to play with, perhaps we could visit Scotland and explore the Highlands a bit.

So I’m looking for suggestions for three day, circular walks (or walks with sufficient transport to get us back to the start) in Scotland – not too far north as we don’t want to spend two of our three days in the car – we live in Cheshire, so I guess the Grampians would be our limit – thats about 5 hours in the car.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Not much more than 30 miles in total
  2. A limit of about 1000m height gain per day
  3. No requirement for restocking, we will carry all our food
  4. A lakeside pitch on one night would be great

Any ideas, please let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Help needed!”

  1. Thanks Pete, but not sure I’m quite ready to return to Wales yet 🙂
    I still have some emotional scars from the Offa’s Dyke experience.

  2. Welsh borders somewhere? Not your favourite but close and plenty of up and down, and within reach of many locals!

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