Hollywood in the Yorkshire Dales

I was watching a film the other week – one of those 1am films that they can’t show at any other time as they are just so awful it would offend the decent taste of most folks if shown any earlier. It’s not rude or anything – just crap! The film is called Slipstream and it stars Mark Hammil and Bill Paxton, both big Hollywood names; caught in a picture that loses it’s way almost before it starts.

Anyway the opening five minutes or so had me sitting up in bed going “I know that place… and there… and wow that’s such and such a place”. many of the locations were so familiar to me and will be to some others I’m sure.

Anyway I rented the DVD this week and took some captures from it – I’ve posted the interesting ones below and although there’s a few locations I know, I need some gaps filling in. I’ve included the ones I know (and some I think), but would love confirmation and ideas on the ones I haven’t got names against.

They are in order of the flight scene shown in the movie – and they jump around (geographically) all over the place.

Here they are….


I think these first two maybe taken near Smearsett Scar – the second shot even appears to have the trig point from that hill in picture – but not sure.

Not sure about this one – I think the wall on the opposite hill is a bit of a giveaway but I can’t place it.

Again, not sure, but possibly Attermire Scar area?

Again possibly the limestone pavement around Smearsett Scar?

I know this one is Gordale Scar – if you can’t climb the path by the fall, this is the view you get from the side path.


These last two are both the same shot, but the second is closer in. I think it’s somewhere around the three peaks walk, note the ladder stile in the second shot

This is the valley above Gordale Scar, before the river runs down into the gorge.

This is one of the peat stores in the Swaledale/Wensleydale type area – you get a tracking shot of it which I had to take a picture of – no idea which one, but it was a long one with many arches.

This is the peat store on the hill above Old Gang Mines in upper Swaledale, on the C2C path between Keld and Reeth – you normally only see the tops of these arches poking over the skyline.

No idea – but that knobbly rock should be a giveaway

This is Old Gang Smelting Mill and you can see the peat store from a couple of shots back on the skyline behind




The last three shots are Hardraw Force. The movie tries to show the plane flying behind it – the SFX are dire but the falls are unmistakable.

Anyway – the film went downhill rapidly after the first 15 mins and I fell asleep half way through. But if you want to see half of Yorkshire from the air this is the movie you want! 🙂

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