Kinder via William Clough

7 March, 2020

7.8 mls, 12.55 km

1900 ft, 579.1 m

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Bowden Bridge Car Park

07:33 to 11:23

Peak District

Walk Number 643

Walk Notes:

My first proper hill walk since fracturing my metatarsal in December last year. Clag on the tops with a biting wind for the duration of the walk, but the mist cleared as I began to descend back to the car. Still some snow patches lying on the top, but nothing too tricky. This isn’t a new ascent route onto Kinder as I’ve been up by William Clough a couple of times before, but I wanted the option to be able to abort at any time if my foot began to feel off – but it feels pretty good post-walk, just a little achey!

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