Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure; like the last Fondant Fancy or the discovery of a hitherto errant jelly bean in your jacket pocket. Such was the feeling when I received an email a couple of weeks ago asking permission for a publisher to use one of my photographs on the cover of a walking guide book.

Monmouthshire & the Vale of UskI of course agreed and would have done even without the added bonus of a small payment, but this led to the discovery of a series of excellent walking guides from a company called Kittiwake. They specialise in Welsh walks and have quite an impressive catalogue of guides to North, Mid and South Wales, as well as a couple covering walks like The Dee Way and the Ceredigion Coast Path.

They needed a photograph of the Skirrid (Ysgyryd Fawr) for the cover of their latest book, Monmouthshire & the Vale of Usk. I’d taken a picture of this hill as I was walking Offa’s Dyke in 2007 and that journal tends to appear quite high on Google searches for that walk, which is how I guess they found it.

So if you need an idea for walks in Wales, give them a try – they are remarkably good value at under a fiver and a lovely format for fitting into your pocket.




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