Mud, mud, awful mud
Mud, mud, awful mud

The first walk of 2013 and things don’t get off to a great start for the New Year, mainly because it’s done nothing but rain for the last 3 months (or so it seems) and the ground just can’t hold any more water, so it sits on the top, making for some atrocious conditions.

Route Description: Cardwell House, Longridge Fell, Chilsey Green, Stock Bridge, Higher Deer Houses, Doe Hill, Higher Hud Lee, Lennox Farm, Cardwell House

Notes: Possibly one of the wettest walks I’ve ever done, with almost constant mud along the whole route. Didn’t enjoy it at all after the first mile or so and although it was good exercise and I felt the intrinsic enjoyment of being outdoors, this was a miserable walk. I fear that bagging many of the other Bowland Fell trig points will result in similar walks, so these may fall by the wayside!

See walk summary and photos here


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