Frozen Cairn on Gregory Band
Frozen Cairn on Gregory Band

I returned to the Dales this weekend, to revisit one of the Yorkshire Tops, namely High Seat, which has a Concrete Ring trig point that I had missed on my previous visit. There was a small chance of snow in the forecast, so I was expecting a cold walk – and boy did I get one!

Route Description: The Thrang, Outhgill, Sloe Brae Gill, High Seat, Gregory Chapel, Hugh Seat, Scarth of Scaiths, Little Fell, Low Capple Mere, Hell Gill Beck, Hellgill Wold, Old Road (Lady Anne’s Way), The Thrang

Notes: One of the coldest walks I can remember. A steep and slippery climb up to High Seat where the wind nearly took my breath from me – gusts to 30mph and windchill of -22C according to the Kestrel. Ridge was mostly frozen thankfully and four top layers kept me warm, until I broke through a crust of ice and went knee deep in freezing water. Route down from Little Fell was hard work, with lots of hidden pits of cold water. Good day out though 🙂

You can see the walk summary and photos here


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6 thoughts on “Mallerstang Edge”

  1. Great …thank you for all the advice…..I have done the Station to Station over Wild Boar ,both ways hence my wanting to try the opposite ridge. Best regards and thanks again. Steve.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your record….and such wonderful photography. Many thanks.
    Im planning a Station route Kirkby Stephen to Garsdale picking up the Mallerstang ridge walk off the B6270 at a point adj to Jingling Cove………any advice appreciated.
    Also , any info on alternative routes off Hugh Seat…ie possibly to Great Shunner. Thank you again.

    1. Steve

      Getting to Jingling Cove from KS station requires quite a bit of road walking, have you considered using the various footpaths that are available to reach Pendragon Castle and then attain the Mallerstang ridge from that access point. Although there’s no path as such once the RoW expires just to the east of the castle, the ridge is easily reached by following your nose 🙂 That’s how I climbed to the ridge the first time I did the walk. From KS station use: Halfpenny House, Wharton Hall, Mire Close Bridge and then the bridleway around Birkett Common to reach the castle, then across the B6259 and then up between the crags the ridge line.

      From Hugh Seat to Gt Shunner is not a route I’ve walked before, but it’s mostly going to be peat haggs and heather, there is a boundary (wall or fence) on the 25k scale map that begins at SD 81525 98284 and runs in a zigzag across Knoutberry Currack to SD 83447 97542, from where you can probably see the summit about a mile further on. Even without the wall/fence that’s the most logical route between the two points as it’s a shoulder of higher ground most of the way.

      If you want to drop westwards off Hugh Seat then you can follow the course of Hell Gill (which goes south west from the summit) all the way to the bridleway at the foot of the ridge, there’s a path beside the Gill for most of its length, although you don’t really need one to follow it. There are exit routes of that bridleway to give you access to Garsdale station.

      Alternatively, there is a shooting hut track that begins some way to the south of the wall/fence I mentioned earlier and runs down Cotterdale Common into Cotterdale from where you can pick up a path through the wood to High Dyke and from there to the station at Garsdale.

      I’ve been trying to get out for the last three weeks to do the station walk from KS to Garsdale, via Wild Boar Fell, but illness and then injury have been preventing me from getting out. If I was walking your side of the valley I’d continue on from Hugh Seat and bag Little Fell, visit Ure Head, Sails and then cut down the open moorside to the bridleway, should be not too bad with a good covering of snow 🙂

      However you do it, have a great time!

  3. Some cracking pics there, got me itching to get back walking on the fells but -22 is a bit on the nippy side for me 🙂

    1. The thing with wind chill, is stopping the wind 🙂
      I had four layers on, which protected me from the wind, the ambient temp was about -3 which is fine, so the cold is manageable.
      I have winter kit in the pack, so lots of spare layers, spare gloves, hat, buff etc, in case it gets wet.
      If you need some company to get motivated, just let me know 🙂

      1. Cheers I appreciate that, I may well take you up on it 🙂 Though to be honest I’m nowhere near your level of fitness or preparedness, I’m walking a lot every day at the moment but its all on the flat.

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