Memory Map – Finally Arrives on Android!

For those of us using Memory Map on mobile devices, the smartphone option has so far been limited to iPhone. Memory Map have long been promising an Android version and delivery has slipped and slipped, until just a couple of week ago when they launched a public beta program for Android OS.

It has a full set of instructions for the non-technical among us and worked first time for me with little pain.

So far feedback seems fairly positive from posters on the forum – there are lots of them! I’ve only done minor testing, but I’ll give it a proper test at the weekend when I walk part of the Cotswold Way.

Licensing seems to follow the principle developed for the iPhone App – you get the software free if you use their new maps, but for anyone with the “Classic Maps” (and that seems to be all unencrypted maps with the QCT extension) they will need to buy an update to the free version that enables those maps to be read.

I’m currently using MMTracker to read my unencrypted QCT maps and that has served me well over the past few months – whether I’ll be prepared to spend another (yet undisclosed) sum of money to buy the Memory Map app will depend on what that app gives me above and beyond the MMTracker app. At first glance that is very little, but time will tell.

SC20120106-091914 SC20120106-091940

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