Regular readers will know I have something of a love-hate relationship with Memory Map software. I absolutely love the Windows desktop app, it probably gets used most days and it’s certainly the most used app on my PC after my web browser. However, my relationship with the mobile app (specifically the Android app) has always been more difficult – in fact I’ve pretty much hated it from the first time I tried it. For years I have been using ViewRanger, even though that meant paying for a second annual map subscription and juggling files between the two apps was a pain, it was still worth it.

However, a couple of weeks ago, following some email interactions with Memory Map last year, I was invited to join their private beta testing cycle for a brand new version of the mobile app – called Memory Map for All (MM4A).

As its name suggests, the app is designed to be used across multiple platforms and looks pretty much the same whether you’re using it on iOS or Android, Windows or Mac. The app has been rewritten from the ground up and addresses not only issues I had with the original MM app, but also some fundamental problems I’d been living with in ViewRanger. In fact, I’ve found a way to continue using ViewRanger on my Android phone, but now I have MM4A I’ll not be using VR again, MM4A is simply better in nearly every way.

The private beta cycle is now complete and if you want to join the public beta cycle, you can – just go to the MM4A page on the MM website and download the app of your choice. While there is a Windows app I would stick to testing the mobile apps for now, the Windows app is for touch screen devices being used in the wild, for example a MS Surface device being used in an airplane or on a boat, It’s not yet meant to replace the traditional MM Windows desktop app.

Whether you’re an existing MM app user, or trying it for the first time, I would recommend reading the help articles prior to installing the app. There are some big changes to get used to and the help articles will guide you through this. I will be creating my own guide over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

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6 thoughts on “Memory Map for All”

    1. Hi Steve, The whole of the UK in 25k and 50k OS maps is currently on sale! It’s £25 for an annual subscription (latest maps each year) or you can buy current year’s maps outright for around £110 and you own them in perpetuity. You can install the maps onto 5 devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet and any combination of these. The link to the MM map shop is here:

      1. V many thanks. It sounds like my way to go once my Viewranger finally conks out, which might be quite soon as Vodafone are forcing me into getting a new phone (they’re turning off SureSignal and 3G). While my Viewranger is still working, I think I’d prefer to wait until the Beta is fully tested.

        1. If you’re dead set on using VR (and until this new MM app, I was too) on your new phone, there is a way to do it, provided you own your VR maps (rather than subscribed to them) – which I assume you do if you’re still able to access them. Drop me an email if you’re interested (stuart at pocketroutes dot co dot uk) and I’ll tell you how to do it.

  1. Hi Stuart
    I was also a ViewRanger subscriber does the Memory-Map let you download all of GB so it can be used at anytime .

    1. Mark, yes absolutely. You get the 250k road atlas for free, then you can buy or subscribe to OS 25k, 50k, or both. An annual subscription is around £25-30 for both 25k and 50k maps for the whole of the UK. They are HD maps too, so better quality than the VR maps. The whole of the UK in 25k takes about 10Gb of storage on your phone (local storage or on SD card).

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