I know at least one person who is still using MM v2004 because of the amount of money they invested in maps for the product and refuse to pay again to use the maps in the latest version of the product. Anyone who uses Memory Map will know that this is one of the main problems with upgrading to the new release.

From what I understand – and I’m not an expert in this – but this is not a MM problem, rather a licensing restriction imposed by the Ordnance Survey. For some reason they feel it necessary to restrict the usage of the digital maps to a specific version of the product. Rather a draconian approach to licensing in my view.

However, I felt sure there would be some way round this and a quick search on the web revealed the following useful link (http://www.4shared.com/file/221917943/6b4d6baf/Memory_Map_Convertor__v2004_-_.html).

This should download a small zip file with an executable that removes the version restriction from the v2004 maps and allows you to use them in the v5 product. I’ve tested it myself on a few old v2004 maps I had and it works just fine. I virus tested the file first of course and that was clean when checked with AVG.

I didn’t write this and I won’t support it, so the information is provided as is. With the imminent (fingers crossed at least) freeing of the OS data I guess these restrictions will disappear in future.

You will also need a full v5 license to read the maps, as they become 3rd party maps. But anyone who’s bought the full version of MM v5 should be able to use them.

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6 thoughts on “Memory Map map converter”

  1. More a question than a reply.
    I just took my Laptop and ADV 3500 to Austria and was dismayed to find that only the DMS Europe map, (at a useless scale) was available from MM. Can you recommend another system that will work with the ADV 3500 for this small amount of use in the future.
    Thanks in advance

    1. I have no experience of the ADV 3500 Bob, so can’t help on this one I’m afraid – perhaps another reader has better knowledge? If so, please feel free to join in.

  2. Yes, quite a few particularly the 1:25,000 explorer maps.

    PS. You’ve done a very good job with the MM user guide.

    1. Unfortunately it wasn’t my link, I just found it during a search a while ago. Do you still have lots of 2004 maps?

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