OMG! PW2010 Initial Planning Fright

I’ve just done a couple of rough calculations on how much the Pennine Way is likely to cost me. I’ve already decided it’s going to be along the lines of my previous long distance walks – that is B&B all the way and baggage courier to ease the strain and allow for the little luxuries in the evening.

If I do it that way it’s going to cost me about…. wait for it…. £1300!!! FFS!!

That’s broken down as follows:

An average of £38 per night for the B&B – that’s allowing for single occupancy rates at some places as travelling solo it’s very difficult to get single rooms all the way. £38 x 17 nights = £646

An average of £20 per day for lunch, dinner and a couple of drinks. £20 x 18 days = £360

Baggage courier for the Pennine Way (those that do the whole route and not just part of it like Sherpa) are running at approximately £300 for the route.

£646 + £360 + £300 = £1300 (and that assumes I can get a lift to and from the walk). The C2C last year didn’t cost anything like that much.

For that money I could have a week in Vegas with some spending money – and go walking in the Grand Canyon! But then I would miss out on the chance to get blown about all over the Pennines and potentially get rained on for 17 days straight! What a choice. Oh God, I hope the wife doesn’t read this one.

Excuse me while I test the flex in my flexible friend 🙂

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6 thoughts on “OMG! PW2010 Initial Planning Fright”

  1. Well, just think of all those extra puddings you could have if you don’t bother with the baggage carriers! *g* Your pack wouldn’t have to be heavy, what with doing B&B.

    Having said that, the time I used the baggage service on the C2C was one of the nicest walking experiences I’ve ever had. But on the other hand… *g*… there’s always that moment of anxiety on arriving at the destination and wondering whether the bag will be there or not…

    Decisions, decisions!

  2. Roger, I had thought of doing it N-S as I live in Cheshire and with a little planning I could have walked home with an extra couple of days tagged on the end, but to be honest I didn’t fancy that 27 mile day as the first one – I’m working my up to that one.

    Why don’t I take the wife? I would have to drag her kicking and screaming along all 260 odd miles – she starts to panic when she’s not within sight of a Next or similar female oriented outlet 🙂

  3. Stuart
    Great to hear you are planning the pennine way, I did it 28 years ago aged 17 with a school mate. We did it back to front so that we would be walking home, we used wainwrights guide book along os maps however we where not very good at navigation. We left kirk yetholm at 7am it was easter and there was snow on the top of the cheviots, it turned out to be really hot day and we had very large/heavy rucksacks if only they had a bag transfer in those days. We struggled up the hills sweating like mad (due mainly to the amount of lager we had the night before), by lunch time we appeared to be making good time to byrness only to discover we had been following the wrong path! We had to back track for miles rejoining the pw we evetually arrived at the yha in bryness at 10.30pm absolutly knackered.
    To this day the hardest days walking I have ever done.
    We had a great time along the way, and remains one of the best things I have done. I will look forward to your planning and progress.

    With regards to your wife why dont you take her with you?

  4. I found somewhere else for baggage last night – and that was £200 – which for 18 stops is just over £10 a stop – what with petrol the way it is now and the length of some of the legs I guess thats not unreasonable – the question is how much am I prepared to pay for the luxury of that bag? I could haul my own gear – and without tent, bag, tollmat etc that would make it relatively light.

    My highest quote for B&B so far is £45 – a weekend rate in a double room. I tend to pick B&Bs based on Sherpa’s (the URL you mentioned) accommodation listing and the National Trails website accommodation page – looking for those with an email address.

    I’d love to get recommendations 🙂

  5. Having said all of that… *g*

    How lovely to have the prospect of 18 days’ great walking ahead of you, with a hot bath or shower waiting for you at the end of every day! I’m actually quite jealous 🙂

    How will you go about choosing your B&Bs? Do you ever look on here? In the past I’ve generally had a scan around in the forums when I’ve been contemplating a walk, to see what people are saying about places to stay.

    I must look over my notes from when I last did it (I re-did most of it in March last year) to see whether there was anywhere particularly lovely 🙂

  6. B&B in this country is so expensive. Trips like the PW and the C2C are by no means a cheap option, especially with the additional cost of the baggage carriers. It seems crazy to me that I can fly to Corsica (for instance) and do the GR20, which is by no means a cheap route either, less expensively than you can do the PW that way.

    As for single supplements, and the difficulties involved in even *finding* single accommodation in some places… aaaagh! That’s a nightmare that I also endure, when I’m not taking the tent.

    That baggage carrying quote is very expensive. I used it once on the C2C–back in 2000, I think it must have been–and I *think* it was £5 per day for carrying one pack. It sounds as though they must be charging you £15 or so. Wow…

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