One last walk before the op!

I have one weekend left before I go under the knife – so I have my fingers, toes, legs and everything else that is even remotely cross-able, crossed in the hope of half-decent weather. I’m hoping that Tex will be able to join me now that his weekends have become slightly less manic and I may even be able to persuade him to drive me in his new car.

I found this on the web, which shows what I’m having done next Monday – the description “Trimming Instrument” fills me with cold dread and indeed the “Irrigating Instrument” isn’t much more friendly sounding!


The surgeon doesn’t really know what she’s going to encounter in there, so the “Damaged cartilage” may or may not be what is trimmed, but I’ll soon find out.

2 thoughts on “One last walk before the op!”

  1. Stuart
    All the best mate – hope all goes well! Maybe when u r laid up u can complete the C2C story – lol!

    1. That was one thing I meant to start 🙂 My boss is also making some suggestions as well though – things work related of course and these may well take precedence 🙂

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