OS under the spotlight in You & Yours

I was pointed in the direction of You and Yours on Radio 4 on Monday at noon. Apparently (I am hopefully reliably informed) they will be discussing the Ordnance Survey and recent moves to make more of their products freely available to the general public.

I won’t get on my soapbox about this – I’ve ranted elsewhere often enough I think, but it’s about bloody time in my view. Taxpayers paid for the collection of the data and then they have the bloody gall to charge us to use it! I don’t mean paper maps so much as the electronic data versions…. no I said I wasn’t going to have a rant.

I’ll be in hospital at midday on Monday – in fact i will just be checking in, so I doubt I’ll be able to hear it – I’ve set it to record on Sky+, but as I’ve never recorded a radio programme before that may well not work 🙂 I can always “listen again” through the web site though.

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