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Carlin Gill / Black Force Diversion

Anyone thinking of heading up Carlin Gill over the next few weeks should be aware that there’s a prohibition in place for the scramble/walk up the Black Force Waterfall. Apparently the British Mountaineering Council and Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority have placed it off limits due to nesting birds, until...


Skye Trail 2012–Planning #2

This weekend will see my countdown calendar to Skye reading 8 weeks. I’ve been training like mad and although I missed one weekend walk this month, I’ve still managed 101 miles – only 5 less than January, with fewer walks. So the average mileage is increasing slightly and the speed...


Trailblazer Ridgeway Guide 3rd ED

Earlier this week I received a review copy of the latest edition of Trailblazer’s Guide Book to The Ridgeway. This is due for national release on 27th Feb and should retail for about £12. The route has been completely re-walked by Nick Hill (he’s the genius behind most of the...


A Really Big Trek?

I’ve no idea how I missed this first time round, but I just caught an episode of Himalaya with Michael Palin and some of the walking looks absolutely incredible. Now saving my pennies – I want to go there!


New Boots.. Again!

I seem to have written about new boots several times (and several times too many) over the past two or three years and here I am again, publishing the fact that I have another pair of new boots. Rather than testing these for anyone, and writing up a review, I...


Failed! Salomon Mission GTX Boots

I’m beginning to despair of ever finding a pair of reliable, long-lasting, lightweight boots for the hills. The list of boots I’ve had in the last three or four years seems to be endless and none of them have been completely satisfactory for more than a few short months. Maybe...


Review: Skye Walking Books

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve recently purchased a couple of books with walks on the Isle of Skye. I’m hoping to do some hill bagging in the second week of my stay on the island and I needed a book that would help me identify the best routes...


Skye Trail 2012–Planning #1

January has come and gone and I’m now about 12 weeks away from starting the Skye Trail. I’ve been really busy this last month though – losing weight and getting fitter, in preparation for what is likely to be quite a tough week walking the length of Skye. As followers...


Memory Map – Finally Arrives on Android!

For those of us using Memory Map on mobile devices, the smartphone option has so far been limited to iPhone. Memory Map have long been promising an Android version and delivery has slipped and slipped, until just a couple of week ago when they launched a public beta program for...


“Things to avoid”

Two posts in as many days! Mad isn’t it? I’m in the process of getting fit for 2012 – that means 2 things to me; losing weight and building up the hill muscles. The losing weight thing is the harder of the two – by a long way. So I...


Choosing 2012’s Long Distance Path

Well it’s now planned, booked and partly paid for, all I need to do is lose some weight and get properly hill fit again. This year I’ve decided to try and do two long paths – one in the far north and one in the far south. This post covers...


Review: Paramo Cascada Waterproof Trousers #2

Over the past few walks I’ve been wearing these trousers for Go Outdoors, who provided the trousers free to me in return for an un-biased review and a write-up on this blog. My first, initial review, can be found here. Since that time, I’ve worn them on three or four...