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Typical weekend weather

Why is it that the weather is great all week and then turns nasty at the weekend? Whilst sitting in the car or the house or the office at work all week it is my perception that the weather has generally been pretty good. All right it is the English summer time,...


New Diary On-line

I have finally got the diary section set up the way I want it. Hopefully this will encourage me to update this section a bit more frequently than I have been doing in the past.


Preparing for my Long Walk

I did it after I finished the Coast to Coast in 2006 and I’ve done it again in 2007. I’ve managed to gain the best part of a stone in weight in the last two or three months of the year. I think I now why this is, but I...


A feel-good story

I’m quick enough to complain about stuff when I’m not happy with it, so I thought I should redress the balance by praising a company for something good that happened last week. I bought a pair of Scarpa boots in January 2006, after my previous pair of Asolo boots got...


Project Wainwright 2007

Well what a marvellous week of weather we’ve had up here in Cheshire, its been sunny all week, with no rain and very little wind to speak of. I was half expecting the good weather to break just in time for the weekend and dump a load of rain on...


Wild Camping

I write this lying in my tent on my first wild camp. Its currently 7.33pm on Thursday 5th April and I couldn’t have asked for better weather to lose my camping cherry with, the sun has shone on me all afternoon and the wind has been fairly mild. I have...


On-line Outdoor Retailers

A short entry, I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts about online retailers, especially the “outdoor” ones. In my experience, there are three categories of these; great, awful and indifferent. The vast majority fall into the indifferent category of course, neither providing an outstanding service, nor doing anything...


Nothing worse than dog shit?

In some respects, I’m very fortunate in where I live, although I’m in the middle of the Cheshire plain with hardly a hill for miles around, I have a load of local dog walks on my doorstep. Two minutes walk from my house and I can be walking along the...


Bits & Bob’s

No, thats not a punctuation error in the title of this entry, its a pun, which you may spot if you read on a bit further. My kit list is looking remarkably complete, albeit virtually. I have kit on back order that still hasn’t been delivered, which is very frustrating,...


The Quest for the Holy Gra…. er… Rucksack

I am heartily sick of looking for a rucksack now, I am in danger of just saying “bollocks to it” and buying the next one I see. But I have steeled myself to the task in hand and will not waver in the face of overwhelming odds 🙂 My shortlist...