Post Walk.. (what’s the opposite of Blues?)

There’s something incredibly satisfying sitting down to write a walk report, with the wind and rain rattling against the window, feet throbbing gently under the desk and calf muscles slowly loosening themselves back to their usual butter-like consistency. It’s even more satisfying to know that you beat the weather as well. I think I must have walked in one of the few places in the North West that wasn’t rained on this morning.

Rambling Pete and I must be the luckiest walkers ever – we left Llangollen at 08:00 and returned at 13:15 and just as we sat down in the car the heavens opened. In the 5 hours of the walk we never felt a raindrop, but every other corner of the North West seems to have had a bucket load. All the roads on the way home showed it had been raining and it’s still raining now at home.


From the village of Llangollen we walked up to Castell Dinas Bran and then along the Offa’s Dyke Path to World’s End. This is a fabulous landscape to walk through and all the more enjoyable because we were expecting to do it in waterproofs and with damp spirits.

The return journey was a hotch-potch of local paths, some trespass and some open access, through Foel Plantation, where we suffered the vagaries of forestry tracks (that should be there and patently aren’t anymore) and then back along the edge of the valley to Llangollen where we saw Thomas the Tank Engine and a splendid white water canoe competition going on.

Thanks must go to Pete for selecting the walk – but I think he just wanted to get me on a nice section of Offa’s Dyke – after the pasting I gave it last year (see here).

Full walk report to follow in due course – it will be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Post Walk.. (what’s the opposite of Blues?)”

  1. Thanks for the tip Taffy – I’d heard of Sealskinz, but I thought they were just socks 🙂

    The lining problem is something I suffer with on the gloves I have at the moment – it’s extremely frustrating, so I need to look into that I think.


  2. I use Sealskinz water proof gloves and they work very well. They are waterproof and are warm even in deep wind chill. At first I bought the Technical glove but did not like it as one glove made my thumb go numb. So I exchanged those for the cheaper glove, a saving of £15 and much prefer these and no numb digits. If I have a gripe it is this. If you have to take them off and your hands get wet, the lining is very grippy and awkward to get back on, apart from that I would give them 9 out of 10.

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