Kinder via Crowden Clough

12 December, 2014

9.2 mls, 14.81 km

1800 ft, 548.6 m

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Edale Car Park

11:00 to 17:30

Peak District

Walk Number 506

Walk Notes:

A walk with four-seasons of weather, from sunny fields in Edale valley to gale force winds, snow and a white-out on Kinder Low. The ascent of Crowden Clough is excellent, a rugged path with a wickedly steep ascent at the end, with views across to the Great Ridge and down into the valley. The snow fell thick and fast as we climbed up into the Clough and was lying 2-3 inches deep on the edge at the summit. The wind was troublesome but then the sun came out for a while and it seemed like it was going to be a good evening. We had intended to camp up on Kinder somewhere, but after struggling to get our tents up in the howling wind and the white-out conditions, we abandoned that idea and settled for a late walk back down into Edale. The conditions were acceptable for a day walk, but dangerous for a wild camp. A good winter walk in the end.

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