Kinder via Fair Brook

4 January, 2014

9.6 mls, 15.45 km

1700 ft, 518.2 m

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Birchen Clough Bridge

08:00 to 12:00

Peak District

Walk Number 482

Walk Notes:

I decided to get out on the first weekend of the year, despite the poor forecast and glad I did, because the rain stayed off, there was little wind and I had a great walk. The path up Fair Brook is lovely, one of my favourite ways onto Kinder and even though the mud was thick and gloopy on the top it was an easy track. The path down Ashop Clough was shin deep in places, very muddy indeed, but my old Salomon Comets, which would have let in gallons of water are currently on their way back to Salomon for warranty return and I used my old Scarpa leather boots, which kep the water out nicely. Took a really bad tumble, into the River Ashop, falling onto my my side and rolling over, in the river, onto my back, getting completely drenched in the process. All in all, glad to be out though 🙂

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